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Optical Alignment Services

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OASIS is North America’s most trusted precision equipment alignment, machine installation and maintenance services provider. As the largest and most experienced company in the business, we have completed thousands of successful projects since 1982. OASIS engineers and service technicians are experts in using both precision optical tooling and 3-dimensional measurement technologies including laser trackers and laser scanners – so they can get the work done fast and right the first time.

What’s more, OASIS is the only provider offering a combination of optical alignment, 3D metrology and mechanical services. And that means it’s easy to do business with OASIS whether you need installation, equipment alignment, repair, or positioning of machine components. Our high quality, responsive service is why multiple industries trust OASIS for precision alignment of pulp and paper machinery, corrugating equipment, printing presses, coaters, laminators, slitters, rewinders, metallizers, extruders, film lines, and more.

How We Can Help

  • Precision Alignment Inspections
  • Operational and Troubleshooting Diagnostics
  • Re-Alignment Analysis
  • Alignment Support During Machine Rebuilds and Installations
  • Permanent Alignment References
  • Alignment Maintenance Programs

Why OASIS for Optical Alignment Services?

  • Highly trained engineers who know your equipment – OASIS engineers have unrivaled expertise and experience so you can be confident that they will succeed the first time and get the job done quickly within your window of scheduled downtime. What’s more, they understand how equipment alignment issues impact production processes and how to fix them so you can earn a faster ROI. And we have locations across North America, so we can respond quickly whenever you need us so you’ll always have the most skilled engineers working on your equipment.
  • Regularly calibrated optical alignment technology – Every OASIS service center has a fully equipped calibration lab enabling us to calibrate our optical tools in-house after every job. By taking quality to the extreme, OASIS can ensure the highest levels of precision on every alignment project completed.
  • Fast ROI through improved processes – Equipment properly installed and aligned by OASIS improves throughput and product quality while reducing waste. In some cases, OASIS alignment services will pay for themselves within weeks. Plus, OASIS mechanical services can extend the life of aging equipment.

Learn More About the OASIS Approach to Precision Optical Alignment

OASIS is the undisputed expert in precision alignment services – and the only vendor you need for optical alignment services and mechanical services combined. Our engineers’ depth of experience, detailed knowledge of your equipment specifications, and expertise in specialized optical tooling all add up to a total quality solution from start to finish. Click to learn more about the OASIS approach to precision alignment services.


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