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3-Dimensional Metrology Services

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Precision, accuracy, repeatability, efficiency, and industry knowledge are all critical when you manufacture or install large or complex parts for exacting applications. That same care and attention should also be applied when engaging dimensional metrology services. Hire the best. Hire OASIS.

OASIS invests in the most advanced 3D metrology tools including, laser trackers, portable coordinate measuring arms, laser line probes and laser scanners – the right tool for the right application every time. As a result, OASIS does much more than equipment alignment. Our 3D metrology engineers can also monitor strategic control points on assembly jigs and automated equipment, quickly reverse engineer parts, and generate repetitive CAD-to-Part analysis and tool certifications with the highest degree of accuracy available.

How We Can Help

  • 3D Geometrical Measurements
  • Repetitive Inspection Routines
  • Real-time Quality Assurance
  • Tool Certifications
  • CAD-to-Part Analysis
  • Reverse Engineer Parts
  • Point Clouds of Entire Rooms or Large Structures

Why OASIS for 3D Metrology?

  • Extensive in-house training – The foundation of our 3D metrology services is the extensive in-house training that our metrology engineers receive – an advantage that no other dimensional metrology company can match. As new laser tracking tools and 3D metrology software continue to evolve and change, OASIS technicians constantly improve their skill levels in programs that take up to a year to complete. As a result, you can be assured that the OASIS engineer in charge of your part inspections or equipment alignment project has the highest levels of experience operating 3D metrology and inspection technology to get the project right the first time.
  • The latest 3D metrology tools – In addition to high-speed, high-precision portable laser trackers, our 3D metrology arsenal also includes the Laser ScanArm to perform contact and non-contact measurement in one operation, as well as the large volume Focus LS scanner to generate point clouds of entire machine rooms or large structures.
  • A complete, end-to-end solution – Armed with extensive data from 3-Dimensional measurement tools, your OASIS 3D metrology engineer will translate inspection diagnostic data into a real-time analysis of how out-of-tolerance various parts and components are and how they affect your production, process, or product. Unlike most service providers who typically only perform the measurement phase of a project, OASIS metrology engineers will actually diagnose the problem, identify a solution, and our dedicated OASIS mechanical services team will fix the problem right the first time. Beyond expertise in 3D metrology and inspection technology, every OASIS technical team understands how misalignment affects the production process – an invaluable advantage for your production and maintenance staff in the field.

Learn More About the OASIS Approach to 3D Metrology

Trust the inspection, alignment, and mechanical repair of your parts or equipment to the only company that can do it all and do it right the first time – OASIS. Click to learn more about the OASIS approach to 3D metrology and how we identify solutions for alignment issues with precision laser alignment techniques.

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